Bringing Inspiration & Innovation Through Technology

Company Overview

Support Nerds Inc. has been successfully offering technical support to home users as well as managed IT services to business clients in USA and Canada. We are a team of highly experienced, friendly, professional, and technology bound nerds. We welcome the problems and provide Valuable Service assuring Customer Satisfaction.
To add value and deliver a smooth experience to the customers is our sole motive. Facing technical problems, we have the remedies sorted. With thorough evaluation and timely recovery, we ensure the best for your devices.
No matter what technology you use, we exceed your expectations. Our nerds instantly diagnose and take the required steps to fix the issues with minimal downtime. We are driven by dedication to give you quality computer repair and support service you could ask for.


TO CREATE A SMARTER WORLD THROUGH SMART TECHNOLOGY To become Better & be the Best in what we do – Support, Service & Solution Implementation.


DELIVERING VALUE THROUGH EXPERIENCE We develop relationships with our customers ensuring they have someone trustworthy to rely on for all their technology problems.



A TEAM THAT’S COMMITTED, INSPIRED & NERDY Our Love towards technology with a unison goal to help & assist is what brings us together.


BRINGING TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR DOORSTEP We are changing the way of delivering quality support & assistance by moving along with technology & people.


What Our Clients Say