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Frequently Asked Questions

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Know Your Answer.

  • Many of our customers have a designated internal IT staff or in-house IT department to handle the day to day technical issues and minor network issues. These organizations often count on Support Nerds.US for the most advanced and critical assistance, such as strategic advice, technical-projects, second opinions, advanced IT security, and advanced business application help.

    That is one of the things we do for our managed services clients. We can help ensure your data is always available no matter the situation. We offer a cloud backup solution that can not only protect your data but help keep running your business during any disaster. Check out our page on Data Protection & Business Continuity for more information.

    Free anti-virus/malware does offer general protection, but that was good in the mid-2000’s when only threat out there was Virus or Spyware. Today’s threats are serious and very malicious. Just having even, the best anti-virus is not even close enough to protect your business machines, they are under constant attack. You require layered protection, opt for our Managed Security Solutions to address the overall threat lifecycle.

    Making sure your entire IT environment is running with efficiency is what we do. We analyze your systems, find the gaps or bottlenecks, and resolve them at best. Once your systems go through a deep preventive maintenance cycle, our monitoring and maintenance service will keep them running to their peak performance. Typically, for older servers and computers, we recommend moving to a solid-state hard drive, then the speed will get enhanced. Check out our Managed IT Services to get more information.

    We have you covered here. We have dedicated IT assistance engineers who can help you. Just fill out our Contact form, and one of our expert technicians will connect with you to provide the best assistance and get your issue resolved.

  • Managed Services is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many business owners. Too many variations of IT Managed Services float around, and they are confusing. We are going with the definition that outsourcing of all or part of information technology service needs, such as 24x7 operations and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, database, and storage to a service provider. The primary focus of managed services is to provide such services agnostically, remotely, comprehensively, and without a need for proprietary tools.

    The managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and, or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. Today, the term “cloud service provider” and “managed service provider” are sometimes used as synonyms when the provider offers assistance as per the service level agreement (SLA) and provides help delivered over the internet.

    Support Nerds.US serves most industries, as business technology is mainstream across industry verticals. We have specialized knowledge of industry needs that have special compliance requirements, such as dental, medical, legal, and accounting industries. Our specific assistance system is to help logistics, education, and healthcare industries that make us a potential partner that you need.

    Most of the time,We stay busy troubleshooting printer issues. The printer has either lost network connection (power surge), it has not been in service for a long, and occasionally it is out of paper. Printers need to have either a physical or network connection to your computer. Whether they are just sitting waiting for instructions on what to do. We will run through a series of questions, and sometimes they need the latest firmware to get them back to work at their best. Check out our Managed Print Services for more information.

    Support Nerds.US is a committed partner with a strong focus on service. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business and your customers so that we can customize our service to you and ensure that you can provide that same commitment to your customers. We provide predictability of service, cost certainty, and responsiveness. Our organizational maturity, experienced skillset, expertise, and effective systems will help you achieve your business goals.