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Data Security Services

Threats are consistent, dangerous and uncertain. Our Data Security services are designed to safeguard your important data from unauthorized access and mishandling and protect documents from deletion, viruses and online theft.

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Common Issues


Insider threat occurs due to unauthorized access, misuse of critical information, and accidental malicious damage or data loss.


Malicious code which leads to identity theft, malware, trojans, viruses, access breach, password sniffing browser exploits and unauthorized access.


The most common reasons for data failure are corrupted data, human error, hardware failure, accidental deletion, and impaired connectivity.


Crashes, annoying ads, pop-up messages, and unfamiliar icons show that your desktop or laptop is infected with malware.


Phishing, DNS spoofing, fake payment websites, keyloggers, insecure connection, viruses, and mobile infection can lead to data stealing.


Theft of encrypted data occurs due to malware, hacking, virus, sabotage, configuration error, improper encryption, and lost computer.

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