Smart Home Setup

Smart Home Setup

Unfortunately, due to inadequate functionality, poorly integrated subsystems and installation delays, home automation issues come into existence. We are here to proffer comprehensive support to make all aspects of your home simpler and comfortable.


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Common Issues

System Integration

Most of the time, mixing and matching older products with newer ones are sure to cause a system integration issues.


Untidy ducts and dust are the major culprits of overheating of automation devices. Overheating decrease the life of device and lead to fuse.

Physical Damage

Dropping, mishandling or liquid spill is a sure way to damage home automation devices internally and externally.

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What Our Clients Say

“Excellent service and made every effort to help”

– Lois Woods

“I am happy with the immediate support with troubleshooting. I’m assured that all my troubles are resolved.”

– Timothy Frederick

“First time in 18 years I have had this type of problem with a computer. I really created quite a problem and Robert was able to get me going again. Thanks to Support Nerds – I am back working good.”

– Scot Heath

“I had a great experience with the technician . He fixed all me needs today. My computer is working great. I will always call Support Nerds for my future needs.”

– Gretchen Walker

“Support Nerd has help me with my computer many time I find them to be very professional. Great service!!!”

– Ruby Nail

“support nerds were extremely helpful. excellent experience. very professional. highly recommend.”

– Jose Torres