Smartphone Support

Smartphone needs specific technicians to repair fluid damage, broken screen, or other breakdowns. At Support Nerds, we repair all your mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other major brands.

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Common Issues

Bluetooth Issues

Both hardware and software are responsible for Bluetooth issues including cached data, older version, and other interferers.

Booting Issues

Software customization, bad applications, OS crash, virus, and defective memory card are the causes of booting problem.

Phone or Apps Crashes

System or application crash takes place due to bad network, too many running apps, virus, and poor memory management.


Excessive gaming, inconsistent charging, virus, too many active apps in background etc. may be the cause of smartphone overheating.


Problems faced while harmonizing your smartphone with other devices because of unstable or non-functional internet connection.

Slow User Interface

Overused internal storage, too many apps, virus, cache files and faulty microSD card can slow down the phone.

Cracked Screen

Having a cracked or smashed smartphone screen may lead to freezing, touch screen malfunction, crashing and restarting.

Battery Issues

Over usage of mobile, apps running in background, overheating can be the reasons of battery issues in a smartphone.

Hazy or Broken Camera Lens

Scratched camera lens may cause noise or distortion in captured pictures. Focusing issues may also be reasonable for blurred images.

Water Damage

Dropped your smartphone in a pool or just spilled water on it. Short circuit may cause problems like overheating, blank screen and malfunctioning.

Broken Buttons

Unresponsive Smartphone buttons or broken buttons may stop you from accessing home screen, menu, volume levels etc.

Distorted Speakers

Damage caused due to liquid, dust or falling results in speaker distortion, poor audio and sound.

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What Our Clients Say

“Excellent service and made every effort to help”

– Lois Woods

“I am happy with the immediate support with troubleshooting. I’m assured that all my troubles are resolved.”

– Timothy Frederick

“First time in 18 years I have had this type of problem with a computer. I really created quite a problem and Robert was able to get me going again. Thanks to Support Nerds – I am back working good.”

– Scot Heath

“I had a great experience with the technician . He fixed all me needs today. My computer is working great. I will always call Support Nerds for my future needs.”

– Gretchen Walker

“Support Nerd has help me with my computer many time I find them to be very professional. Great service!!!”

– Ruby Nail

“support nerds were extremely helpful. excellent experience. very professional. highly recommend.”

– Jose Torres