What is DRaaS? Everything You Need to Know About it!

disaster recovery as a service

In the world of cloud computing services, we may have come across the term disaster recovery as a service or DRaaS, but what exactly is it? Well, to answer your question, we are here with our blog, in which we will discuss everything that you need to know about DRaaS.

What is DRaaS?

If we go into the definition then, it means it is a service model that offers backup and recovery with the help of a third-party cloud environment. In this model, everything including, disaster recovery functionality, inducing orchestration, are provided as-a-service. In simple terms, the customers do not have to own, or manage, the overall recovery computing mechanisms. It is a really helpful, cost-efficient, and effective method for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because DRaaS doesnโ€™t require a dedicated, physical secondary site, trained IT staff, or any investments. It keeps your business operational in the unfortunate event of hardware failure, ransomware attack, or even a natural disaster. On top of that, disaster recovery as a service offers very short recovery timelines and recovers the applications almost instantaneously.

Importance of disaster recovery as a service

Disaster will never knock on your door and let you know to get ready for the worst. Hence, having reliable data recovery options is mandatory for your business for its smooth operations. A natural disaster or digital disaster has the potential to break the backbone of your business. Initially, IT always looked upon the backups to resuscitate applications in the unfortunate event of a disaster. But thanks to modern technological advancements, this is not the case anymore. To cope up with modern problems, we need modern solutions. Therefore, opting for data recovery as a service is a wise decision you will make to upscale your business and protect yourself from loss. Backup technology fails to retrieve critical data if it is lost as well as your business may face a lot of downtime problems like-

  • Backup data are often missing, incomplete, and in some of the worst circumstances, it is non-restorable.
  • When a server fails, it will take days to procure and replace the hardware.
  • The process of data restoration takes hours and sometimes days and a lot of waiting.
data recovery as a service

When we talk about DRaaS, then it is safe to assume that it does not suffer from all the above-mentioned limitations. With DRaaS, you can bring your operations back on their feet in a matter of few minutes. It has a lot more to give, like backup testing automation, scalability, the on-demand nature of the cloud. It is an affordable and easy to manage option for small and medium-sized businesses. Many businesses do not have trained IT staff or investments to set up. Hence, going for the DRaaS solution is a viable option for SMBs.

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