The Importance of RTO & RPO- Everything You Need To Know About It!

Recovery Time Objective

Disaster Recovery as a Service is one of the trendiest topics in the world of cloud computing. The majority of businesses are migrating to cloud space. Hence, it is the need of the hour to talk about Disaster Recovery Planning. Technology is evolving, which results in efficient, affordable, and capable disaster recovery solutions. There are a lot of buzz words when it comes to cloud computing. But you do not have to worry about it because, in this blog, we will cover fine details of the subject. Before jumping into the granular details of Recovery Time Objective (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objective (RPOs), let us understand the high-end definitions related to the topic.

Disaster vs. Disaster Recovery

It is a bummer when your business gets struck by a disaster. It is one of the most frustrating experiences because the majority of the operations would stop. It happens because the servers have been compromised or impeded.
In order to recover from the halt, you must have a sound disaster recovery plan. In other words, a disaster recovery plan is like having a spare tire for your vehicle. It is a method that is used to make sure your business operations would come back on track up to their full potential. In the world of IT, a DR is a plan of action to help get your applications 100% recovered, up and running from the disaster.

Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

As the name suggests, business continuity (BC) keeps the business going. When your business gets struck by a disaster through business continuity, you can deliver the services until all your system would get back on track. In the world of IT, the terms Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity often used alongside each other. But in terms, they both are two different things, though linked with each other. It is one of the most crucial elements for any business. Disaster Recovery will enable you to recover all hardware, software, and applications, but without a firm Business Continuity Plan, there is no point in recovering those items. BC includes the financial, personnel, and emergency aspect of your business that is necessary to help your business moving.

Now that we have understood the high-end terms. Let’s jump into understanding the true meaning of RTO & RPO.

RTO vs. RPO- The Ins & Outs!

Recovery Point Objective It indicates how much data refers to the time you are willing to lose in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Let’s assume that your RPO is losing one hour’s worth of data, and when the disaster strikes, your primary database is shut down, but the secondary database would get updated within ten minutes. It is within the limit of your RPO, and you will only lose ten minutes’ worth of data.

Recovery Time Objective It refers to a time you have before your system has to be back up, running, and functional for its users. For example, if disaster strikes your business, and your RTO is five hours, but your system is up and running in three hours, then it is safe to assume that you have met your RTO.


As we all know, business continuity is crucial in unfortunate events when a disaster strikes. However, initiating a good backup strategy would be beneficial for your business. You cannot afford to lose a gigantic amount of data as it would bring your business down to its knees. It is mandatory to reduce your RTO as well as RPO. Let’s assume you are a tier-1 banking application and a disaster hit you. In this scenario, you cannot afford to have a high RPO. You also cannot afford to lose any transactions. If you lose any of the transactions, you will lose real money too.
Hence, you must have a sound Data Recovery Strategy & Business Continuity Plan in action.

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