Support Nerds – Managed IT Service Predictions for 2020

IT Managed Companies

Managed services are mainly based on regular assistance, infrastructure maintenance, administration, security and more such requirements from the customers. They provide business strategies dependent on market, resources, and customer needs. The effect of these services vary over time and enables the leaders to adjust their plans, activities, and timelines. The coming year – 2020, is expected to bring new challenges and opportunities for IT managed solution providers. They are concentrating on innovative ways like cloud computing and more to overcome the challenges and turn them into opportunities.          

Following are the factors that can influence IT Managed Services in 2020: 

Outcome-based IT Services  

Outcome-based IT Services

Currently, customer demands are more inclined towards outcomes from predefined standards. These result in preferring integrated solution provider than depending on different single solution providers. This comes as a major benefit to IT managed service providers as they get a better opportunity to upgrade their managed services to meet customer requirements.  
Integrated Solutions 

Customers look for a one-stop destination to get all solutions. This needs a merger of several tools and talents at a single place to serve customer requests of streamlining and optimizing business operations. IT Managed services fill the lack of certain solutions and provide them under one roof. A customer better engages with a managed service provider who has IT consulting and IT outsourcing as its offerings.      
Automation, Cloud, Outsourcing

Better customer engagement has encouraged the development of more cloud-based platforms. Cloud will soon be more relied on than tradition platforms. There will be seen a drastic reduction in manual workload for processes being automated. It has opened the door for managed services to provide automated solutions to the businesses. With more companies outsourcing their IT needs to MSPs for cost and resource benefits, MSPs are drawing a great business from IT outsourcing.       

Cyber Security

Demand for cybersecurity is growing constantly with the instances of cybercrimes soaring up. Growing compliance needs and fines on companies against disregarding industry standards require cybersecurity services to help companies align properly with standards and regulations. Several MSPs are acquiring more resourceful and privileged managed IT security services to further consolidate their security ecosystem. With predicted 15% annual growth, Cybersecurity is expected to hit the top of the list.     

Consultation as a Service

Services like long term planning, technology training, workflow improvement, policy development, and more are aiding greatly to SMBs. MSPs offering IT consultation services are making necessary efforts towards improving processes from initial contracts to preliminary assessment and payment collection for efficient service delivery. 

With optimized systems, tight balance sheets, and healthy cash reserves, managed service providers can benefit from new opportunities in the coming year. 

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