How to Choose the Best VPN Service

VPN provider

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for organizations these days due to the increasing number of cyber threats, hackers and phishing activities. 2-step verification or anti-phishing software are no longer enough to stop the cyber threat. Hence, it has become important to use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep data secured.

A VPN gives online privacy and anonymity by creating a secure tunnel from a public network. It masks your IP address to make your online activity untraceable and encrypts the connection between your device & the website you visit to provide greater privacy. While your computer is connected to a VPN, it browses through the server’s geographical location rather than the PC’s actual geographical location. When you are connected to a VPN, all your receive & transmitted data is encrypted.

Why VPN is needed?

Surfing on the internet can expose your data & private information to unwanted hackers. VPN is ultimately a solution for anyone concerned about their digital privacy. Imagine the times when you had connected your device to unsecured networks, your those sessions could be vulnerable to intruded by strangers dwelling under the same network. VPN provides greater encryption to protect your digital activities such as sending emails, making financial transactions or browsing the web.

But how to choose the right VPN provider?

So, here are a few points to consider while choosing a VPN provider.

  1. Your privacy is important.

You are shifting to a VPN to secure your information. So, the VPN provider should respect this point too, and keep your information private. Do sign a no-log policy before starting with the services to assure that they will never track your digital activities.

  • Go for a secure communication protocol.

You definitely want the VPN to be more robust in securing information. Well, the security measures of a VPN tunnel can be more or less secure. The level of VPN security highly depends on the security protocol they used. Ideally, people nowadays go for OpenVPN services as it’s more secure. But it has limitations too; it is not supported by many smartphones. OpenVPN works best with PC or Mac. To use VPN connectivity for mobiles, go with L2TP/IPsec support.

  • Locations matters!

While choosing a VPN service, do check for the number of their servers and locations. Do they have servers in the locations you needed to be on? For example, you want to appear as you are surfing the web from London while sitting in Vancouver, then make sure they have a server in London.

  • You will need good customer service too.

Well, this is the most overlooked point while choosing a VPN service. You may not understand it now but during the service, you are going to find the importance of having good customer service. VPNs may show difficulties at any time and hence, having 24×7 customer service will help you to deal with those obstacles easily. Go with a VPN provider who has 24×7 call or chat support.

  • Money does matter!

Well, the cost does matter but going for a free VPN provider can be risky. Be assured of one thing that if the provider is not charging you then they are must be making the money from somewhere else, probably selling your data to someone else. Such providers also do not offer secure protocol or support. You can check with a VPN provider who offers various plans and choose the suitable one for yourself. But, do check the plans and payment option beforehand to avoid any problems in the future.

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