Here are 5 Tips to Improve your Cloud Computing Security

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Cloud computing and cloud security are in a hot buzz. Every business be it small, medium, or large, is using this technology. In fact, nearly one-half of the US security agencies are also relying on it. We are sure that you are also using it in some way or another. There are several examples of cloud storage that you are using regularly. We are familiar with Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, QuickBooks, and many other brands. But the question arises, Is your cloud data safe?

All of these hot shots companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. are excellent in data security, but they cannot offer you all-round protection when your data leave the cloud servers in order to interact with another system.

All the security breaches are because of the humans as stolen credentials, disgruntled employees, accidental deletions, in-secure Wi-Fi connections, and the list goes on and on! Therefore, cloud computing security plays a crucial role in securing the data of your company.

Imagine the damage it will cause to your company if your client’s data get leaked or stolen? Why would your client work with you after the blunder caused by a lack of data security?

In this blog, we are going to explore five ways with which you can improve your cloud security-

  • Deployment of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

When your phone has multiple locks, then why not your business data is protected behind multiple locks? One set of usernames and passwords is not enough to protect your cloud data. Hence, deployment of Multi-Factor Authentication is a mandatory practice. It is a cost-efficient and most effective security protocol that would help your business in the long run.

  • Limit the user access for better Cloud Computing Security-

In your company, not every employee needs access to every information or application. By limiting the access, you can definitely add value to your business data security.

Limiting access can help prevent your business from accidental editing of the information that they are not authorized to access. On top of that, it will help against those cyber-criminals with your employee’s credentials.

  • Monitor as well as analyze user activities with automated solutions-

By monitoring and analyzing the user activities in real-time can help you spot irregularities in the usual usage pattern. With this, you can stop any breach in its initial stages before all hell breaks loose. With automated solutions, you can monitor and manage to improve cloud security.

  • Create a comprehensive off-boarding process-

The moment any employee from your organization steps down from his/her duties, make sure to revoke all the access to cloud storage, systems, customer information, etc. they have. Many times, the off-boarding process gets delayed. By having a comprehensive off-boarding process, you increase the chances of securing your data.

  • Provide Anti-Phishing Training-

In the US, more than 80% of the emails people receive on a daily basis are spam. Now, if one of your employees fell victim to it, imagine what would happen to your data? Well, providing Anti-Phishing training to your employees will help you improve your cloud computing security.

If you do not know where to begin, or you do not have an in-house team of professionals, then you can opt for third-party cloud computing solutions. SupportNerds is one of them that gives you the best comprehensive and guided cybersecurity solutions.

If you have anything specific in mind, feel free to shoot us an email, and we will be there to assist you at the earliest.

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