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Bring Your Own Disaster

Opting for BYOD culture brings in the possibility of phishing and malware attacks. You don’t know how the employee is using his own device, whether his antivirus is updated, how clean that information is without bugs, malicious links or viruses, and saved the data properly or not. Employees using publicly their devices may be connected with free WiFi at some mall or other places are in higher danger of getting their data breached or attacked. Even downloading a single file from the unauthorized network can prove disastrous.

What Security Measures You Can Adopt To Stay Safe

BYOD Policy 

A strong BYOD policy is needed to be in place in an organization before it adopts BYOD culture. An organization must define responsibilities and limitations of BYOD environment. Employees with BYOD permission will work in compliance with the policy and properly follow the dos and don’ts of it. 

Conduct Device Audit

Organizations mandate installing genuine and firm antivirus for its employees following the BYOD model. An audit can also be conducted to ensure that every employee has up to date software, security, and firewall so they may stay safe from getting virus attacked or data beached while working anywhere.

Train BYOD Best Practices

Train your employees of BYOD best practices like safe access to WiFi services, organized data storage, be careful of malicious links or viruses, and more. Also, organizations can conduct tests and mock drills to provide BYOD privilege to eligible employees.

As the BYOD model can help or hurt equally, it is up to the businesses which implement it. The model has great potential in terms of providing flexibility to both employee and employer and is here to stay.    SupportNerds has specialized professionals who are ever ready to extend any help your employees need with their malfunctioning, slow, or virus-infected devices, and more. Call our experts for instant and reliable assistance to eliminate any issue and keep you up & working.

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