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Managed IT Services

Take a look around, the landscape for managed services is evolving. The IT industry is fast advancing and if MSPs are not mindful enough to keep up the pace, they may miss out. It is important for them to keep a tab on IT updates as well as know the next evolution so they can be prepared with effective solutions to any issues. For today’s MSP, it’s all about delivering the right solutions and fulfilling business expectations.

Keep the data in focus

For a long time, managed service providers helped businesses with efficient solutions, also they provided specific services as per the business needs. The MSPs were assisting businesses with freeing up their resources, optimizing their operations, and providing them instant support.  

Today, however, that role of managed services needs to shift towards a more specific value proposition – the data.

Businesses need managed services to secure their critical data. An MSP can help with effective solutions to safeguard their sensitive information. Here, positive results matter as managed services assist concerning businesses with efficient data security solutions.

In the time when the rising security risks are making businesses more vulnerable, they need to rely on an MSP’s expertise to keep their organization’s data protected.

Businesses have high expectations from MSPs and they believe managed service providers can deliver them the right IT services, including data security. In the process to manage business expectations, MSPs need to establish effective and honest conversations, because mismanaged communications could lead to misunderstandings that will not help.

How to have an effective conversation

Managed services need to be thoughtful and energetic while communicating with the businesses to serve their IT needs. Think, if an MSP will not be able to connect the business’s needs with its services while doing conversation, the business may lose interest.

A managed service provider first needs to communicate with the interested business in a proper way like how the IT services will be covered as per the business needs and the exact cost of the IT service package.  

Second, MSPs should know if anything goes wrong while the agreement duration, the partner business will self-assume that managed service is responsible for making it fixed because the business understands this is what you’re hired for.

Here, MSPs have to keep in focus the data protection and security while communicating with the business. Also, managed services need to understand the business’s pain point and discuss with them the right IT solutions. Based upon agreed terms about how managed service providers will resolve and look after the business’s data security concerns and how the business will get benefited, both the MSP and the business can sign the SLA.

Managed service providers need to ensure that their conversation with the business should reflect the following points:

  • What it means for the business’s data to be secure, recoverable, & accessible
  • What the businesses need to do on their end to maintain data security
  • What the effect will it bring to the agreement if changes made to the SLA
  • What the financial investment will be required and the details on what it covers 

Managed services should assist businesses in better decision making by providing them the right guidance. It sets you as a trusted MSP advisor for the businesses looking for a reliable IT partner.  

Support Nerds helps businesses in making an effective IT strategy and data security. As a trusted MSP, it provides open and honest guidance that establishes it as a reliable advisor, rather than just another vendor. You can call on 888-462-2719 for instant assistance and consultation.

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