Easy Steps to Setup Your New Smart TV

Now when you have a brand new smart TV at your home, your aspirations will be going high of having an advanced and refined viewing experience. And, why not as the once titled the “dumb” box has evolved into an ultimate entertainment machine. You, imagining things about it, would have opened the box being hyper excited. You already know that you have to go through first with the setup process but you should also be known that your smart TV is smart enough to help you out get done with its setup. In case you don’t get juggled up or miss out on anything, we have suggestions that may prove valuable to you while doing smart TV setup.

First, the Basics…

So that you don’t get much perplexed, smart TVs come with basic set up process to ease you out in fundamental settings like connecting your smart TV to the internet, creating an account, software configurations, access to streaming services, and more. After dealing with the basic TV setting, you get done with the fundamental setup process that eases you set up the rest of the process, like:

Find Right Place for Your TV

You first have to find out the spot where you will make your Smart TV sit. Either you can use the included stand to place your new TV or can wall mount it. You also have to check out whether your TV is set close to power outlet. Internet connectivity is another issue so you need to check out as well if your TV is set in a position to receive strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet signal. Ensure that your TV is placed close to cable connection or antenna. Keep above factors in consideration to place well your Smart TV.

Start Setup Process

The initial setup process varies from the television set of one brand to another. Your new Smart TV will guide you through the setup process once you switch it on and you have to follow the instructions on the appearing screens to get done with the Smart TV setup.

Introduction with Home Screen

It too varies from brand to brand as in some TV sets you will get to see similar home screens with row of apps while others have a single row of apps that slide parallel to the bottom of the screen. However, some TV brands offer a tiled application layout like in smartphones.

Select Apps from App Store

Your TV comes pre-installed with popular applications though you can find new apps from app store and discover new streaming sources to personalize your new TV’s capabilities and your experience. Some brands have proprietary app store while others third-party app stores for you to get specific apps from there either free or for a cost.

Connect Your Devices with TV

A smart TV has to get connected with the number of devices like satellite box, media players, game consoles, and others to provide a seamless viewing experience in an interconnected environment. With the TV powered on, you can connect it with the external devices. However, the television sets of some brands automatically detect the devices and connect to them.

Fine Tune TV Settings

Once everything is set, now you need to fine-tune your smart TV that involves adjusting color and brightness, tweaking home screen and menus, and disabling irrelevant content recommendations. Each model has own capabilities that allow you have a pleasant viewing experience.

While setting up your TV, you go through different processes that may put you in need to get IT services. Whether you are not getting media streaming services right in your TV, you can ask support from Support Nerds where you can get on-site media streaming support for your convenience. No matter if your location is as remote as Pennsylvania, getting streaming services in Pennsylvania is easy now with quick turnaround time and services.

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