Cybersecurity Measures to Help Secure Future of Your Organization

cyber threats

Implementing strong cybersecurity measures can help organizations secure their fast-evolving IT environments.

Many offices gone shut recently which causes them to find alternatives to keep up with the operations.  

Businesses are adopting the digital way to continue with their operations, as they are not able to carry on with their physical stores due to the present challenges. Companies started using tools such as video conferencing and cloud collaboration for their reluctance to enable remote work. 

The tools helping businesses in remote work are going to be the mainstay, even after the ongoing crisis is over that forced these tools to come in use. Organizations tried many remote solutions to meet their business needs during the unprecedented time that may have exposed them to some security vulnerabilities. They’ll surely want to run a security assessment to see whether they are into the risk of getting breached or cyber-attacked. 

Such moments also present opportunities to help organizations enhance their security measures for a more safe and productive work environment, even if it is remote as well. A few IT leaders I came in contact with recently asked about how we are able to manage and maintain strong protection across our business. Also, they were surprised by the sound cybersecurity offerings to our longstanding users. We explained that our dedicated and experienced experts are key that we can successfully assist the needful businesses with their improved cybersecurity posture. 

Here is how we at Support Nerds help organizations with their cybersecurity needs:  

Full-time virtual CISO

Most of the businesses don’t have a full-time chief information security officer. Even, many of them haven’t hired specialist security experts to help them with the security initiatives across their work environment and services. Now when they need a security professional to assist them to tackle the rising threats at present, they find CISO in high demand who may not be able to join their team in time. Support Nerds understands the security needs of the businesses and provides them a virtual CISO to help them create effective security strategies.

Also, the virtual CISO from Support Nerds assists businesses with formulating a security baseline, develop a cybersecurity roadmap, and apply solutions that deliver the security as the business needs.   

Run a compromise assessment

A compromise assessment can best help organizations to learn how its cybersecurity practices would fare against a determined and sophisticated cyber attack. Also, the compromise assessment goes beyond scanning firewall ports as it attempts to spread a mock malware to make organizations know about the potential of their security. Here, Support Nerds experts simulate the strategy that a threat would likely to exploit against an organization’s highly sensitive assets, including intellectual or financial property, or data. 

This a kind of dry test that provides an organization a better insight of an actual attack to help it enhance security processes for comprehensive protection against any real-time scenario.    

Improved incident response

An organization experiencing an active threat needs an urgent response to the incident. IT leaders must have access to the expertise and effective tools to counter threats and secure data. 

Experts at Support Nerds help businesses to protect against any potential threat or breaches and offer them peace of mind that comes knowing they have the assistance needed to tackle any attack. We respond on an emergency basis against organizations call for help and assist them with expert security solutions. 

For instance, a business calls us for help as its IT staff is not able to find any effective solution for a malware outbreak. Our expert techs respond immediately to the business’s call and start conducting root cause analysis to find out how the attack was initiated. It may be caused due to the email phishing, so we take the next step to segment the network to prevent any further harm and eliminate any malicious program. 

After the business gets help to remove its immediate threat, it can continue with our expert assistance through an engagement such as a security strategy or road mapping session, or consultation on network segmentation to assist the business with any threat in the future and better respond to it. Let’s discuss over 888-462-2719 to explore how Support Nerds can enable your business to be better prepared against the rising cyber threats and secure its operations.  

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