COVID-19 Phishing Attacks: Secure Yourself and Your Business Data

Hackers are looking for ways to take advantage of the COVID-19 news and launch various campaigns targeted at spreading malware and breaching sensitive user information, including user credentials. Recent industry research suggests some specific examples of attacks users may get exposed to: Malware Malware can be distributed on users’ computers using phishing campaigns. They aim […]

Cybersecurity Measures to Help Secure Future of Your Organization

Implementing strong cybersecurity measures can help organizations secure their fast-evolving IT environments. Many offices gone shut recently which causes them to find alternatives to keep up with the operations.   Businesses are adopting the digital way to continue with their operations, as they are not able to carry on with their physical stores due to the […]

Streamlined Cloud Environment for Better Business Continuity

Companies that have adopted steps to improve their cloud environments are experiencing their efforts paying off now. Organizations have a number of strong reasons to reduce the complications in their cloud environments, including minimizing costs, enhancing security, and optimizing performance, to name a few. Another advantage of an optimized cloud environment is often overlooked but […]