What is the difference between PSA & RMM – Do you need it or not?

As technology is rapidly changing, the methods of tackling IT problems are also evolving. Thanks to cloud-based tools known as remote monitoring and management and professional services automation platforms. On the one hand, RMM helps the IT department login to your computer remotely and troubleshoot the issue. On the other hand, the PSA extends the helping hand to the IT department tracking the […]

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery for Future-Ready Business

Businesses better prepared for the challenges are more able to handle them efficiently in a quick time.   Businesses with a right plan can get better protected against cybersecurity and safeguard their IT environment. A specialized team having experience and knowledge of security best practices can assist your business to be enabled to quickly respond when […]

Support Nerds – Managed IT Service Predictions for 2020

Managed services are mainly based on regular assistance, infrastructure maintenance, administration, security and more such requirements from the customers. They provide business strategies dependent on market, resources, and customer needs. The effect of these services vary over time and enables the leaders to adjust their plans, activities, and timelines. The coming year – 2020, is […]