5 Myths About IT Managed Companies

Support Nerds 5 Myths

Technology is issue prone and can cause the work to halt when it breaks down. Such a pressing time requires you to get help from an eligible managed service provider but here are some common myths that can spoil your experience from pleasant to sour. So consider the following to not to get misguided at the time you are in need and are looking for a quality IT managed services.

Myth 1 – You Should Go for the Cheapest Vendor

It is not about buying a commodity but about hiring managed service providers. In the name of “cheapest”, you may be sacrificing flexibility, delivery time, and customer services. Providers may vary on the scale of reliability, reputation, and response as some may have dependable IT services, while some may have a high market reputation, and the rest may be quick in responding to customer queries. So the emphasis should be on finding the managed IT provider that listens to your queries carefully, customize their procedures to fit into your need, and provide you quality services.

Myth 2 – Outsourcing Means Giving up on Your Control

Outsourcing your IT service needs doesn’t mean losing control on what the hired service is doing and what the outcome it will invoke. Instead, it gives you more control to see the IT managed incidents in real time, listen to the phone calls, receiving regular reports, and getting integration with your existing CRM. You can also ask them about how they are going to handle your issue. Though you have to rely on your vendor when you outsource, a quality vendor will allow you to have more control over things happening to ensure service reliability and transparency.

Myth 3 – Dedicated Agents Means Affordable Service

Dedicated agents prove cost-effective when you need them for enterprise level products or for service for a large volume of products, otherwise, they may cost you out of your budget. A shared solution gives you better performance and flexibility for your sole IT services. Precisely, if volumes are not large or extremely IT solution, shared agent model will work better in that situation.

Myth 4 – In-House Service Has Better Service Level

In-house Service can be there in minutes to help fix your issue yet outsourced IT service can help you lower down the system downtime and investment on setting up in-house IT infrastructure, resources, and human workforce. Outsourced managed IT monitors your system in real time and often tells you about the possible issues and optimum fix to save your work from not to get affected. Support Nerds being specialized managed IT service provider can help you monitor and resolve your issues on-site, in-store, and online.

Myth 5 – Outsourcing Equals to Offshoring

Outsourcing means hiring some service out of your organization to manage resources by investing comparably less than setting things up in-house and it does not mean offshoring that is looking out to some service out of your country. Outsourcing is quite popular in Pennsylvania, US and people out there often seek out for IT services for their affordable cost and quality offerings.

Keep in consideration the above myths for the next time you are going to hire managed IT solution so that you don’t judge a service based on common pre-assumptions in trend, instead select IT service based on its eligibility to serve you better.

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